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  • DESCRIPTION: Fifty years ago something “happened” to Hank Ballard involving three horny ranch hands on a cattle trail run. Fast forward to the present-day, he is older and wiser leasing his vast acreage as an excavation site for dinosaur...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: On his way back from the States, Captain Ronald Goodwin welcomes Lance Corporal Roderick Stevens into his alternative program with the US Marine Corp to help soldiers “over come” their fleshly lust by having the Lance Corporal take...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: A bounty hunter comes to collect his prize and has a little fun in the process. EXCERPT: “What are you doing man?” Dubois fought to get upright before falling back into the bed. Bowser answered by reaching into the slit of...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: “Big Daddy” is a sadistic black trucker who fantasies what he’d do to his white wife’s overeducated unemployed brother if he had the chance. EXCERPT: I don’t know why the fuck you look so surprised? Do you honestly think that...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: Alonzo is on vacation in Venezuela visiting his old college roommate. When he is paired with Renzo for the day along the white sandy beach, the chemistry is electric and is sure to carry over into the night. But when his longtime crush...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: A newbie barber stays after hours to prove his worth the shop, and ends up tightening around a handsome uncut customer. EXCERPT: "Sorry, man.” I offered trying my best to get a hold of the remote. “You probably ain’t into that...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: Devlin has some very loud neighbors. Whether the couple next door is making love or fighting like cats and dogs, he can hear every moan through the thin walls of his cozy apartment. One night, his sexy neighbor shows up on his doorstep...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: Kingsfordland, Tennessee, 1937 — Lollo Aurelie is a city slicker mobster running from trouble up north when he stumbles upon a mountain hick town ripe for a takeover. When moonshiners revolt to his dastardly deeds, they dress him...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: Lured into a bedroom by his lust for other military men, Alex, an active Coast Guard officer is seduced into submission by Dave, a retired Marine officer who thoroughly enjoys his outrageous fetishes and wild kinks. A year into their...(więcej)
  • DESCRIPTION: When Michael Gracie started with the firm, he developed an innocent crush on his boss, Mr. Palmer. When a dinner date reveals that his two-year crush is also his long lost father, Michael and Mr. Palmer find a way to solidify their bond...(więcej)

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