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  • od 23.92zobacz oferty z 13 księgarni - premiera: 2018-06-06
    Nieprawdopodobnie zabawny i seksowny romans biurowy . NIENAWIŚĆ OD MIŁOŚCI DZIELI CIENKA, SUBTELNA LINIA. Lucy Hutton i Joshua Templeman nienawidzą się. Nie mają żadnych oporów z okazywaniem tego uczucia, kiedy tak siedzą...(więcej)
  • od 24.79zobacz oferty z 13 księgarni - premiera: 2015-06-06
    Z przedmową Christophera Nolana.Wyjątkowe wprowadzenie do zagadnień naukowych leżących u podstaw filmu Christophera Nolana „Interstellar”.W filmie „Interstellar” Christopher Nolan zabiera widzów we wspaniałą podróż do...(więcej)
  • -50% Obserwator
    od 12.50zobacz oferty z 12 księgarni - premiera: 2017-07-19
    Wie o tobie wszystko. Śledzi każdy twój ruch w sieci. Jeśli staniesz się jego ofiarą, dowiesz się, gdy będzie za późno.   Ponury thriller psychologiczny, wciągający i bardzo na czasie.   Widzi wszystko, co robisz, wie, co oglądasz i...(więcej)
  • A comic diary about entering life in the Navy. Published in 1918 and written for the Naval Reservist journal „The Broadside” while the author Thorne Smith was in the Navy, it is a series of short vignettes poking fun at the culture of the time...(więcej)
  • This early work by Thorne Smith was originally published in 1930. James Thorne Smith, Jr. was an American author who specialized in supernatural fantasy fiction under the byline Thorne Smith. „Did She Fall? „ (1930) is a straight murder...(więcej)
  • A New York advertising executive leaves his job in the city to write poetry in a hut by the sea. Once there he finds himself caught in the coils of his attraction to two women – a situation that so unsettles his wits that he falls prey to a...(więcej)
  • James Thorne Smith, Jr. was an American writer of humorous supernatural fantasy fiction under the byline Thorne Smith. He is best known today for the two Topper novels, comic fantasy fiction involving sex, much drinking and supernatural...(więcej)
  • Who hasn’t waited for a ride in the pouring rain and wondered if there wasn’t something more to life? This is exactly how we find poor Mr. Owen, hopeless and downtrodden, wet and miserable. Suddenly, he is swept in through a doorway to a place...(więcej)
  • Thorne Smith’s imaginative novel „Skin and Bones” takes the concept of suffering for one’s art to a whole new level. This classic book contains the humorous and fantastical story of Mr. Quintus Bland, the eminent photographer, whose...(więcej)
  • If you’re in the mood for a wildly hilarious comic romp, give Thorne Smith’s „The Bishop’s Jaegars” a read. Mad, hilarious, degenerate, or simply fun fantasy? Only the reader can decide. Adrift and listless, a wealthy coffee heir Peter...(więcej)
  • Perhaps the best example of Thorne Smith’s acutely sharp social humor played out against a backdrop of the Prohibition. 60 year old Rex Pebble inadvertently discovers that the fountain of youth happens to be in his back yard swimming pool. A...(więcej)
  • In „Night Life of the Gods”, we meet Hunter Hawk, wealthy eccentric scientist in 1920s America, who, after numerous explosions, manages to invent an „atomic ray” that turns living beings into statues, and a second ray that restores them to...(więcej)
  • In „The Stray Lamb”, author Thorne Smith draws inspiration from his most famous works, the beloved Topper series. It follows mild-mannered investment banker, cuckold, ordinary, faithful, and dipsomaniac T. Lawrence Lamb. He is given a new...(więcej)
  • -20% Topper
    Thorne Smith best-remembered for humorous novels, many turning on some fantastic plot device which thrusts the protagonist into grotesque predicaments, often via unwitting transformation. The 1926 publication of „Topper” brought the author...(więcej)
  • Cosmo Topper is an average American bank executive on holiday in the French Riveria. Feckless, fun-loving and totally uncontrollable ghosts, George and Marion Kerby and friends – the tortuously crooked Colonel Scott and his companion, the...(więcej)
  • -20% Turnabout
    Another magical, mischievous Thorne Smith classic. Though Thorne Smith’s most popular works involve elements of fantasy and science fiction, the clever novel „Turnabout” takes his penchant for incorporating supernatural and magical themes in...(więcej)
  • od 37.99 zł Brak ofert
    Schicksal: Ein Konzept, so alt wie das Leben selbst. Formen unsere Entscheidungen die Zukunft oder ist es andersherum? Und wenn unser Weg vorherbestimmt ist - wenn wir unser Ende vorhersehen könnten - zu was würde uns dieses Wissen verpflichten?...(więcej)
  • od 12.99 zł Brak ofert
    David Thorne fand, dass Chiropraktiker ohnehin keine echten Ärzte seien, und sah es deshalb auch nicht ein, seine Rechnung mit echtem Geld zu bezahlen. Also schickte er seinem Chiropraktiker kurzerhand eine E-Mail mit dem Bild einer selbst gemalten...(więcej)

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