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    Salesmen, C level executives, Writers(sales, Content, Niche, Affiliate), Marketers and indeed everybody who has anything to sell or a sales target to meet, Pay Attention To This: Here is the Newest, Quickest and Easiest possible style with which... (więcej)
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    Wondering about my footsteps Yeah! About my footsteps Wondering how my footsteps would go to the unknown place Even on great speed, I wondered; However, I kept moving. Greaterness diffused in my thoughts.I thought of how the environment now... (więcej)
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    This work is about my experience in my teenage years trying to discover most girls; After trying within myself for a while, I decided to launch out as a seeker. . .That was back in the days and I have since grown up, however, this makes an... (więcej)
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    Trying to woo a girl; not so much of an age difference between us as man and woman. After trying within myself for a while, I decided to propose to her in writing. . . She voiced her concerns to me regarding my decision to write to her instead... (więcej)

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