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    A spooky RV... A letter from a place you would never expect in a million years... Being stranded on some God-forsaken mountain... And meeting your favorite heart throb rock star, but the worst thing that could happen does... If your into scary stuff... (więcej)
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    HERE IS FIVE REALLY GREAT STORIES I DREAMED UP... LITERALLY, I DREAMED MOST OF THIS BOOK WHEN I WENT TO SLEEP. If you like Star Wars, and Star Trek type stuff, the REALLY far fetched, out there, type of space-ship hopping, planets and their WEIRD... (więcej)
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    This is the story of a little girl who lives with very mean foster parents. They lock her in the closet. So she runs away and lives at the Smithsonian Museum. She prays for an Angel to be sent to help her get a new family. But what she gets actually... (więcej)
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    This is Book 6 of The Angels Of The Lord ChroniclesThis is the story of AAyaelees Amistis Star. Think of this like a science-fiction soap opera. A spin-off to the wonderful hit series - THE ADVENTURES OF AMISTIS STAR, already in the production of... (więcej)

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