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    Blurb: Exceptionally magnificent vegetation, rugged cliffs, craggy coasts, breathtaking panoramas, with all sorts of blue colored sea and countless mysterious grottoes, all this can be found on the beautiful island of Capri. Of course, one should...(więcej)
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    Blurb: "Flower Island in the Atlantic" is just one of the many decorative names for the Pearl of the Atlantic. "Daughter of the volcano", "bride of the wind", "Garden Island" or "island of eternal spring" is also called Madeira. The green volcanic...(więcej)
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    Blurb: Kingdom of Thailand is the tropical country with fantastic beaches and paradise islands, which arouses longing among many holidaymakers for sun and recreation. At the same time, the former Siamese empire is blessed with a wealth of...(więcej)

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