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    EXTRACT Neither the olive he fished from the martini glass on his coaster nor the remainder of the drink, which he downed in a gulp, alleviated his exhaustion. There was always more work to do. He didn’t pretend to understand the science Einstein...(więcej)
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    Madeleine Toche, the best WWII assassin, is called to save an American agent taken in hostage in the middle of Israel.When an American agent is taken hostage, famed WWII assassin, Madeleine Toche resurfaces to rescue him, taking on the PLO and all...(więcej)
  • od 29.12 zł Brak ofert
    A new adventure for Madeleine Toche, alone against the German Army !Madeleine Toche races to the front only to find her brother mortally wounded during the German Blitzkrieg attack on France at the outset of World War II. His death and her rape at...(więcej)

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