Success in English Teaching - Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

Autor: Davies, Paul, Pearse, David

Wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press

Clear, easy to follow, and free of jargon - does not assume the reader is a native speaker of English.

Covers all the major topics relevant for trainee teachers with the right level of detail.

Strong focus on classroom teaching, applying theoretical principles to hands-on teaching practice.

Can be used if you have little or no formal training as an English teacher.

Especially useful if you are working in the students' own country (rather than an English-speaking country).

Can be used either as a complete course in English teaching or, if you already have some experience, as a reference book.

A comprehensive and readable introduction to teaching English. Clear and jargon-free, it is easy to follow and suitable for initial teacher training, but also provides guidance and fresh ideas for more experienced teachers. It offers realistic ways of achieving success even with large classes and few resources.

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