Double Dare, Daddy!

Autor: Alana Church

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Greg Kennedy had it all - a wonderful wife and two gorgeous step-daughters. But when Madison and Morgan decide that their step-father is the man of their dreams, his life turns upside down! Who will win, and who will lose, when a pair of horny twins take the reins? Buckle up for a wild ride in "Double Dare, Daddy!" ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Morgan looked up at him, her blue eyes dark with love. "Here's how it is, Daddy," she whispered. "If you want us to stop, we will. I made Maddie promise me that, last night, when we were talking about this." She shot a look over his shoulder, aimed, Greg assumed, at her twin. "We won't take what you don't want to give us. "But we want you. Both of us want you. Can you give us this one thing? Just once?" "I dare you, Daddy." A teasing whisper from behind him, followed by a lick at the back of his neck that made his knees shake. "I double-dare you, Daddy." And Morgan stripped off her shirt, showing him her spectacular body. "We love you. Both of us. And we want to take you to bed. Both of us." Her long, tapering fingers caressed the skin on her belly, and Greg couldn't help but notice how her small white teeth caught at her lower lip. It was stupid. Insane. He ought to be committed to an asylum just for considering it. But instead of a harsh command that his daughters take their hands off him, put their clothes back on, and never bring up such a catastrophically misguided idea ever again, he heard his voice whispering, "Who first?"
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