Dark Necessity

Autor: G. King

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: What started out as a dare went awry and changed her life. Life became a quest for the next adrenaline rush of risky and dangerous activity with potentially disastrous outcomes. Georgia didn’t care about consequences. She needed the rush. She needed the fear. When her boyfriend attempts to provide a safe outlet for her it all goes wrong. EXCERPT: “Oh…I’m so scared.” She said mockingly. It was becoming clear she really did not think I would do anything to her other than try to scare her. She was wrong. I took another set of handcuffs and grabbed her right wrist. I pulled it up to the head board and secured it to the head board the same way I’d done the other wrist. Her arms were now over her head and at about at 30 degree angle apart and clipped directly to the headboard so she had no ability to move her hands or arms at all. “Now I’m really scared.” She said in the same mocking tone. Her eyes got wide however when I reached down and started to unbutton her blouse. She did not say anything but it was becoming clear she was a little worried in spite of her brave look. I pulled open her blouse and was pleased to see that her bra was one of those that clasp in front not in back. As I reached down to unhook her bra she started to wiggle as much as the restraints would allow. “Ok.” She said in a worried tone and conceding victory in the challenge. “You win.” I did not say anything. I just continued on and unclasped her bra and pulled it open, exposing her tits. Then I leaned down and started to suck on them and fondle her at the same time. “No! Stop!” she whimpered over and over as I sucked on her tits, bringing her nipples erect and hard with excitement. She wiggled as much as she could to escape but it was pretty futile. Then I got up and sat next to her on the bed. I unbuckled her belt and then unbuttoned her jeans. As I pulled the zipper down she said, “Please, no! You win! Please don’t.” Her voice was on the verge of panic. I then shifted a bit and pulled her jeans down over her hips and then off her legs as she struggled and kicked at me to keep me from doing pulling them off. Her panties were less of a struggle than her slacks had been even though she struggled more. Then I stood up and took off my clothes. She was nearly in a panic now. Her eyes grew wide as she saw my erect cock spring free from my jeans as I slid them down. “Please, don’t.” she begged. “I’ll do anything you want."  
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