Tempting Daddy

Autor: Mysticalchemist

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Cassie’s dream is to be sleeping in her father’s bed before her nineteenth birthday. She spends her days plotting and planning and her nights enjoying her Big Daddy toy, but nothing ever seems to work out how she wants. That is until desperation forces her to try a home-made magic spell. Overnight, her life changes, but not quite in the way she expected, and the bed she thought would be hers alone seems to have become much fuller. EXCERPT: Shutting the computer down now. I’ve found what I want. Check everything’s in its proper place, and back out the door. I hadn’t noticed before, but my heart feels like its going to explode. Pounding so hard and fast. It was fun snooping, but I won’t do it again. When we’re married it’ll be different. He’ll show me then. We can look at the pictures together and decide things to do with each other. Back in my own room, I start my own computer. Panty fetish typed into the search box. About ten million results, but the first few give me what I need. I should have worked it out myself. It’s imagining the body wearing the panties. The secret body parts held tight by the material. Those parts leaving their scent embedded in the fibres of the fabric. It’s not the panty in the picture, it’s imagining the body that made those stains and the scent that would be there. I was much more interested now. I’d smelt my own panties, of course. Gross. But then I wasn’t really thinking. Now I was, I thought I should try sniffing mine again and see. The laundry basket was in the bathroom. We left our dirty clothes there every day. I soon had the lid off and was searching for yesterday’s panties. They were white with small pink hearts on them. I’d thrown my jeans on top, so they should be under them. They weren’t. I had to tip everything out to find them. Hidden down near the bottom. I certainly didn’t put them there. They were folded too. I just threw them in. Unfolded, I spread them out to look and smell carefully. There was a stain inside. Whitish and not where my stains usually were. I looked and felt and smelt before I worked it out. Daddy. It was daddy’s goo. He’d squirted inside my dirty panties. I wasn’t sure what to think as I repacked loose laundry into the basket. A red pair of dad’s undies were last. I had them in my hand, about to add them to the basket when I thought. What would they smell like?
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