Nurse Mommy

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Some kids will go to the extreme to see their mommy! One son sure did! He needed that attention and he surely would get it. Getting sick makes moms pay attention to their sons in a hurry. Come join in on this fun tale of mother and son in a hospital room! EXCERPT: “What happened?” Julie asked as she sat her coffee down onto the desk. “Got in a fight with some bees. Just mowed the lawn, and they came flying around at me for no reason.” Julian lied through his teeth. “Okay. Let’s get you into a room.” Julie said as she grabbed onto the wheelchair. She pushed Julian down the hall and into a room. She helped him up and onto the bed. Julie started to dig around and found an IV and inserted it into her son’s arm. “Ouch, nurse mommy!” Julian yelled out. He squinted and jumped as he felt that poke around inside his skin. It took a minute to find his vein. “Quit being a damn baby, Julian,” Julie said in annoyance. Finally, the IV got into the arm, and then Julian watched his mom put some clear liquid onto the IV stand. The clear liquid would help him feel better. But it would take a while. Now he just needed to tell his mom that he needed to be fucked. “I need attention again mom,” Julian said boldly. “Not now, Julian.” “Please.” “I said no, Julian,” Julie said in a huff. “Why not?” “Because I work here. I can’t be caught doing the deed at work. Especially with my own son!” Julie hissed. She left the room without another word. She didn’t like how her son could be at times. Julian watched his mom leave. He didn’t like seeing her leave. He would need to get her attention some other way. His breathing finally started to feel a little more normal now. The wheezing stopped now while the liquid moved into his arm through the small, thin, clear, tube. Now that he felt a little better, Julian moved his legs off the bed and climbed out slowly. He grabbed the IV stand and headed towards the door. It didn’t take long to go down the hallway and see his mom walking towards him. “Get back into bed, Julian.” Julie scolded. She pointed towards his room. Room 116. Julian kept walking towards his mom instead. He needed the attention. Or this little experiment would do him no good. It would be for nothing. He would not accept that. “Get back to bed, Julian,” Julie said again. She hurried up to her son and helped him to turn around. “You’re sick. Get back to the bed.” “I need sex mom.” Julian said in a normal tone of voice. He didn’t say it loudly, but he said it enough for people to hear it. “Shhh, okay. Let’s get into the room.” Julie hissed. Julian walked to his room, and let his mom help him to the bed. “Please.” “Fine. Hold on.” Julie said as she let go of her son. She rushed out of the room and told a few nurses that her son needed her in the room for a few minutes. Everyone nodded okay, and Julie headed back to the room. She locked the door and then moved the curtain over so that it covered the bed. Within seconds, Julie yanked her pants, and panties off. She walked over to her son and reached for his jeans. She undid the jeans and whipped the dick out of the boxers. Julie moved her hand up and down over her son’s cock while feeling annoyed, excited, and nervous all at the same time.
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