Getting Us All Together

Autor: Madame Gallivant

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: With the end of high school, and the summer nearing, a family weekend at Aunt Barbara's house in Alabama seems to be just what Tabitha and Destin need. Secrets are shared, and Tabitha learns that she is not the only one who has experienced the pleasure that comes with incest- and that Destin is not the only one that she wants in her bed! EXCERPT: I stepped into the room, and she followed me, my heart beating wildly. As she closed the door behind us, and locked it, sliding the bolt into place with a loud clang, the sound reverberated in the small changing room. I looked into her pretty young brown eyes. The heat that I felt when my stomach knew that something was about to happen, the same heat I felt when I knew that I was going to make love to Destin or I was about to see something that I wasn't supposed to see, suddenly burned inside of me from the place between my legs up to my nipples. Smiling, Bridget undid her top; she let her small, perky breasts- no more than a “B” cup at best, young flesh with large brown nipples and aerolae- loose, in front of me, in the bright light of the handicap accessible room. I stared for a moment, and it was just us- there was no way that I could deny I was looking at her, looking at my daughter, and she smiled at me. “They might be little, but they are pretty, aren't they, mom?” she teased, her eyes piercing into mine. “Yes,” I mumbled. This was different, not just because she was a girl- and not just because she was my daughter, as opposed to my son. This was different because there was no gentleness here- there was simply her commands, and my obedience, the same tone that Kyle had used. “Have you ever sucked on tits, mom?” she asked. “No,” I said, honestly; what Natalie had done to me, I had not reciprocated. “You would like to suck these titties,” she teased, “You would like to take these young titties into your mouth and suck them, wouldn't you?” Oh my God yes! “Don't answer me,” Bridget commanded, her hands sliding down her firm, toned abdomen, to the top of her cheap yellow shorts, “You don't have to- your eyes say it all. They say everything, mom, everything that you don't want to say.” She slid her shorts down. I saw her pussy, up close and personal in the space of this changing room, and it was pretty. Pretty and shaved, not a speck of pubic hair, the ring of her piercing new to my knowledge- when had she done that? “I pierced it,” she said, “I got it pierced a couple weeks ago. You just don't know how intense it makes me cum when I play with it- or someone else plays with it, mom.” “See?” she said, her fingers exposing her labia to my inspection; her clit, a little button like my own, was pierced. The silver ring had been put through the hood of it- how that must have hurt- and it was so pretty. “I have a pretty pussy,” she said, “So pretty, I don't wear any underwear. I lied. I wasn't wearing any panties- but I know what you wanted to see. Do you like it, mom?” I didn't say a word, spellbound by her sweet young body before me. “Answer me,” she said, “Do you like it?” “Yes,” I admitted, “What do you want me to do?”
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