Romance with You

Autor: Ségolène

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Bin Go Soo, a plain but devoted young woman, goes to work for Chang Ho Shin, a cranky, high maintenance romance novelist who thinks he knows better about everything. Their working relationship is an especially hard one, but when Go Soo finds out Ho Shin doesn't believe in love she makes it her mission to change his mind. Secrets, emotions and danger collide in Romance with You. In the end, will true love prevail? EXCERPT: “Can I come to your panel and hear you speak?” “No.” “No?” “You'll have work to do.” She sighed, her gaze going out of focus. Of course she would. Her gaze returned to his tea and she found herself reaching for his mug. Looking at his phone, he didn't seem to notice, and emboldened by her annoyance at him, she grabbed the beverage up and took a sip. It was as good as it smelled! And very relaxing. She sighed and took another sip, wondering when he'd notice she'd commandeered his drink. “Are you looking at horoscopes on your phone?” she asked, and the way he looked up abruptly, his eyes startled, told her everything she needed to know. “Read mine for me, will you?” A momentary frown crossed his face. “What's your sign?” “Read them all,” she said, feeling a bit naughty. For some reason, it felt good. He gave a heavy sigh and scrolled to the top of the page and began reading the horoscopes. He had a passable reading voice and she found herself laughing at some of the horoscopes and that made him frown again. It was a tiny bit cute, she thought. Finally finished, he set his phone down on the tabletop and reached for his mug. It wasn't there and his eyes moved to hers. “Is that my tea?” “Mmm. It's very nice.” “That's my tea?” “I thought you'd finished with it,” she lied. “I didn't want it to go to waste.” “I wasn't finished with it!” “Oh.” She took a last sip and held the mug out, offering it to him to finish. “Then, do you want it back?” “You keep it,” he replied morbidly. “I'll just drink your coffee. We don't want it to go to waste.” She slid it across to him happily. “Enjoy.” “You too,” he grumbled.  
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