Wanda's Tale

Autor: K.W. Steiner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Wanda Vaughn never realized just how close her safe horizons were until a chance encounter over lunch led her to test those boundaries. When she learns the truth, when her eyes are opened to the true world around her, first by her sister-in-law, and then her son, Wanda discovers that the horizons she once lived within could be expanded, and with her son as a guide, she allows her once safe and comfortable life to be changed forever. EXCERPT: “We can’t Luke,” she sighed quietly. “It’s not right. We just can’t.” Wanda couldn’t understand why her resolve was failing her so quickly. What was her son doing to her, she wondered? “I won’t force you, Wanda,” Luke smiled. “We won’t do anything that you’re uncomfortable with. I’m here for you, and to give you whatever pleasures you desire. Your needs come first with me, always.” Luke leaned forward then and lightly kissed his mother on the mouth. Wanda didn’t respond. Not right away. Still trying to maintain some control, Wanda asked, “Is this how you seduce your lovers, Luke? Making them believe that it’s all their idea? That they are in control of the situation?” Luke sat back and looked up into his mother’s face. He shrugged and smiled. “You can leave any time you want,” he said. “I’m not going to stop you, Wanda.” Wanda was still unsure how she felt about having her son call her by her given name. Normally, children referred to their parents as “Mom” or “Dad” or “Mother and Father”, not by their given names. Yet Wanda felt that it was just that. Normal. Luke was a twenty-three-year-old man now, a young adult, yes, but an adult man, who evidently enjoys a healthy sex life, even if it is with women upwards of twice his own age. Given that she hadn’t made a move to leave, Luke took his mother’s response as one of acceptance, at least for the moment. Not wanting to miss any opportunity, something Carrie had warned him about just a few hours earlier, Luke rose up once again. Slowly, Luke reached out and draped his arms across his mother’s shoulders. “I’m going to kiss you now, Wanda,” he said, drawing her closer. Wanda shook her head once, but when her son’s lips touched hers, she closed her eyes and accepted her fate. In that instant, she realized that she’d lost any resistance she might have had initially. She realized that the only reason she had come to see her son, and not driven straight home, was the fact that she did feel desired by him, and it was a feeling that she’d not felt in years. Not from her husband, and not from the men her age she interacted with on a daily basis. Only Luke had shown a desire for her, and what she had felt the day before had been so wonderful that she had to experience it again. Their lips parted and Wanda opened her eyes to find Luke just inches away, smiling warmly. As confused as she was, Luke had a look in his face she'd not seen in ages, one that had been on his father's face so long ago and yet seldom seen of late. It was a look that made her belly warm and her nipples tingled in her bra. Wanda knew that they would be perked up and poking obscenely outward, so prominent. As Luke, her son, leaned forward and kissed her again, she wondered why she suddenly felt as she did. Why was she feeling her nipples tingle and her vagina dampen? Why was she feeling so damned horny all of a sudden? Wanda let out a sigh of capitulation. She was his now.
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