Afraid, White Boy?

Autor: Bull Blue

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: “Big Daddy” is a sadistic black trucker who fantasies what he’d do to his white wife’s overeducated unemployed brother if he had the chance. EXCERPT: I don’t know why the fuck you look so surprised? Do you honestly think that ditzy bitch thinks I keep my pants on when I’m out there on that open road? I can’t pull over to take a leak without finding cocksuckers on my dick. That ain’t to say the bitch don’t get salty about it, boy. All is forgiven when I come through the door and drop my drawers with my usual hard-on and beat it up with this big black dick right here! She ain’t missing a damn thing. Same hard cock, same full blaster loads. It quiets the rumblings. I bet you didn’t know your sis is a pro with giving brains. She drinks the ball juice like skinny bitches down a V8 or college boys take down a mighty keg. The bitch doesn’t feel like cooking sometimes after I quench her thirst. And sometimes I hold back from getting off for a couple of days just to bust one right in her throat just to clog it up! There’s not a sound sweeter in this world than listening to your woman choke on your load and watch it come out and go in at the same damn time. You think after that she wants to bore me with her feelings and shit?  
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