Lycan Lover: Pact with the Pack

Autor: Bronson Alexander

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Eva, lost in her own mind from her last dream experience is back with more explicit action from her Lycan Lover. This time, he is not alone! EXCERPT: He knelt over her and gazed into her soul. She moaned the word, “PLEASE!” And with that, he thrust his thick rod into her slippery cunt. She orgasmed instantly and then begged him for more. He thrust harder and harder, his cock ramming into her cut with each movement. He growled loudly and then he began to morph. As he continued fucking Eva, his body changed. He became bigger, more muscular and stronger. His thrusts became harder and harder and his body hotter and hotter. Eva closed her eyes as in disbelief and when she opened them she was pleasantly shocked to see a werewolf fucking her. He was now crawling on top of her, almost crouching and his now gigantic cock pounded into her womb  
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