First Time Cuckold

Autor: Indigo Ryder

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Clayton just couldn't please his wife, and after seeking advice from his local drug dealer, the husband and wife were invited for a night out to remember. The night would never be forgotten when they were absconded by some huge guys down an alleyway. Bound and shackled, Clayton watched as his wife gave her all to the guy in the mask. Who was he, and would Clayton get free from the chair he was fastened? EXCERPT: “I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot cum.” A little cliché but his body fell into spasm, and his large buttocks slammed forward. Laura lunged screaming in pleasure with her head tilted back. He thrust against and slapped her ass for good measure. I watched my wife go through another orgasm slumping forward to Drake’s cheeks as the black mountain eased his cock from her ass with a pop. Drake rammed upward, Laura leaned back and pulled her nipples while she ground her hips against his. She screamed, and his hands fell on her pasty white skin as he pushed up and yelled enough for me to see his gold teeth. Laura slumped and lifted her cunt from his shaft after he’d filled her. Her legs closed tight as she sat on the end of the bench. I felt the shackles on my ankles loosen. I’m going to fuck my wife, Yeehaw!  
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