My Mom, The Stripper!

Autor: Angel Scott

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Mason couldn't believe that the lady he liked for several years would end up as his step-mom. Plus, his step-mom ended up being a stripper on top of it! He found the courage to do naughty things with his step-mom. Join in on the fun! Max couldn't believe his ears when his best friend Mason talked about his mom as a stripper! But he saw it with his own eyes. What happens next sends chills down Max's spine! EXCERPT: Mona pretended that she danced upon a stranger. She wanted to prove she wasn’t some old freak who couldn’t do a damn thing. Mona never did as much cleaning or taking care of shit like she should’ve. Most parents do half and half, or the woman did all the cleaning and bill keeping, along with taking care of kids. But instead, Mona sat around and painted. She sold a few, but nothing to be bragging about. She liked being lazy, but now she liked being wild and making money. She still painted and sold a few more lately. She twisted her body around and put her tits into her son’s face. “Wanna lick, sir?” Mona asked. Max nodded and then leaned into the breasts. He flicked his tongue and then sucked on the right tittie. Max loved the nipple in his hot, wet, mouth. He nibbled on the tit and made the nipple erect. After that, Max made the other tittie nipple come out so that he could suck on it a little better. “Better make it better than that, old lady,” Max smirked. Mona cringed and then got off Max in a jiffy. She put her ass on the counter and then put her legs on her son’s lap. She put her pussy up to her son’s face and bounced around. Mona made sure that she teased her son to hell and back as she rubbed her damp panties into his face. The pussy moved around on the lips of her son. Max sniffed his mom’s panties! Damn, sweet smell, Max thought to himself, as he enjoyed the crotch in front of his face. The sight of his mom’s pussy sent chills down Max’s spine! He wanted her now! He admitted that she did well at this job. His member jumped around inside his jogging pants as he watched the crotch bounce and move in front of him. Out of the corner of his eyes, Max could see the big breasts flop and bounce around in front of him as well, and the view made Max’s sexual desires kick into full gear. Dirty thoughts played inside Max’s mind now as he rubbed his nose into the damp thongs. The thin material didn’t cover his erection very well. Damn it! Max thought to himself. The rubbing caused Mona to cum a little, but she played it cool as she continued to flaunt her pussy to her son. She moved up and down over the face. “How’s that?” she asked. Max couldn’t resist. He stuck his tongue out and swayed it side to side. He wanted that thing out of his way. Max didn’t care if anyone watched or not. He enjoyed licking the thong and pussy. Tasting a drop of his mom’s cum made Max happy. Mona moaned softly as the tongue floated around her thong. She kept cool though and just bounced around the mouth of her son. Back and forth. Up and down. The tongued swayed and moved back and forth. Up and down. Max finally managed to get his tongue inside the pussy. The wetness allowed him to go deep inside and back out again. In and out. Max enjoyed more sweet tasting cum as he thrusted his tongue in and out. Slow and steady. Mona thrusted against her son’s mouth faster, and harder now. The tongue moved in and out quicker. In and out. Deep, hard, and steady.
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