The Devil's Daughter: Temptation

Autor: Alana Church

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

One day Moira Bertram went out for a drive. When she returned, a year later, she was pregnant, and would not tell anyone who her child's father was. Now cousin Morgan is coming to visit. The young woman is gorgeous, but is there a darkness behind her beauty? And when wishes begin to come true, how will the family pay? Because no one knows that Morgan is "The Devil's Daughter!" ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ When she woke the next day, her body had...changed. Oh, she had been attractive before. She knew it without asking. And even if she hadn't, the reactions she got, both from boys her own age, and from grown men, would have shown her the truth. But as she stood, slack-jawed and speechless in front of the bedroom mirror that sunny spring morning, it was to see someone completely different. Her skin was the same golden-brown, her eyes still their jade-green, tilting at the corners. Hair still spilled from her head in reddish-gold waves. But her breasts had grown by at least a cup! Maybe more! She had resigned herself to a perfectly adequate thirty-four B months ago. But now? She lifted them in her palms. How big were they? Thirty-six C? thirty-six D? Everything was just a little bit...better. She was taller. Just an inch or two, but it made her proportions fit better. Her hips were sleeker. Her thighs stronger. Her belly flatter. Her rear more delightfully curved. Even her nether-lips felt plumper and more sensitive. "Mmmmm." She started violently as a pair of loving arms came around her, and her mother's lips touched the back of her neck. "I see that your father's gift has arrived. "Happy birthday, my daughter." She turned, then stared. "Mom?" "Yes?" "You look..." she raised a hand to her mother's cheek. "Incredible. But why..." "Why didn't you see me like this before?" asked the naked, raven-haired goddess in front of her, so incredibly beautiful her eyes teared. "It is your father's gift. To grant beauty to those he deems worthy. And to hide it from eyes that would not understand. "Your father gave me beauty. But he also knew that my family, my friends, would not understand why I had changed. So he cloaked my body in illusion. And I was satisfied. I had beauty, and his loving touch from afar, and after a time, I had you." Her eyes smoldered as she took in her new body. "You are gorgeous, Morgan." "So are you, Mom." And then she kissed her, her mouth opening sweetly, succumbing to the glorious wave of passion.
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