A Father's Love

Autor: A.A. Clein

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Kristen Piper wakes up the next morning to a terrible realization. Yes, she actually sucked off her own father. But that morning something changes and she sees something in him that she thought was gone forever. Father and daughter circle closer and closer together even as the rest of the family threatens to tear themselves apart. Can Kristen Piper save her family? EXCERPT: Kristen leaned forward and touched her lips to her fathers. Of course her father had kissed her many times in the past, but this was different. For the first time in her life, the girl kissed a man, not as a parent, but as a lover. The thought made her knees shake and something warm spread inside her. At first it was just the lightest of sensations but Kristen soon wanted more. She pressed her father’s face closer to hers. Her hand ran over his cheek feeling the man’s stubble. She stuck her tongue out and let it trace over her father’s lips. The touch made the man jump and try to pull away, but Kristen held him close. His hand gently pressed against her shoulders to push her away but she held firm. Gradually, he gave up even that token resistance. His hand ran down her arm and he opened his mouth to let her explore it with her tongue. This was it, Kristen thought to herself, my first kiss. It was a little weird that she had sucked a dick first; that she knew the taste of a man’s seed before his lips, but there it was. She was making out with her first lover and it was her own father. The kiss became harder and more urgent. Kristen felt her father’s hand slide down her arm to her shoulder and ever so slightly, as if testing her reaction, down her chest to her small, perky teenage tit. The touch sent bolts of electricity through her body and she pulled at him harder. Her dad stood up without breaking the kiss and held her. His body felt amazing pressed against hers and she noticed, with some excitement, a hardness growing in his pants. Father and daughter continued to make out and his hand slid down her stomach brushed her waist and landed on her thigh. Still his hand was on the outside of her clothes. She found with growing desire that he wanted to feel his touch on her flesh. It was Kristen who finally pulled away, “Daddy. I want you daddy. I want… this.” “I don’t know, honey. This is…”
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