Futa Farm Girl

Autor: Alana Church

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

Jackie is content to spend her life alone. But when an attractive young woman stumbles out of a storm, she can't turn her away. Danielle is confused by Jackie's wary attitude. But when the hot young lesbian discovers Jackie's secret, she can't hide her desire. The lovely futa-woman has the body of a supermodel, and she's a virgin too! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~ Danielle watched the struggle play out across Jackie’s face. She held her breath, not daring to upset the delicate balance between them. It was obvious the gorgeous woman was wavering the knife’s edge. Damn them for hurting her. The ferocity of her anger surprised her. But it was obvious that if Jackie had not been physically abused, she was recovering from a lifetime of emotional trauma. Danielle could imagine it. The signs were all about. Growing up in a small town, in a conservative household. Maybe her father died young. Or maybe it was yet another case of a man abandoning his unwed lover after she came up pregnant. And then, the double blows to the mother. First, the unwanted pregnancy. And then, even worse to her eyes, the horrifying realization that her child was malformed, disfigured, a freak with both male and female genitalia. In all honesty, Danielle thought, it was almost surprising that Jackie was as well-adjusted as she was. If she had to live her life scorned and despised, she probably would have gone completely around the bend. God, I want her so bad. Hidden behind the ridiculous sweatpants, her womanhood gave a frustrated spasm. Her juices were flowing, making her lips hot and slick. Finally, Jackie opened her eyes. In her gaze, Danielle could see the haunting memory of years of hurt. “You’re not playing a trick on me?” Her voice quavered, half-hoping, half-fearing the truth. “You really think I’m…I’m attractive?” Danielle stood. This, she knew, would take a careful touch. She laid her palms on Jackie’s cheeks, meeting her eyes squarely, willing her to see her honesty. “You,” she whispered hoarsely, “are the most amazing creature I have ever seen in my life. And I would be honored if you allowed me the gift of taking your virginity.”
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