Indigo's Tale

Autor: K.W. Steiner

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: When Indigo Gibbs, middle-aged African-American mother of two, invites her niece to move to Regal Bay and start her young life afresh, she had no idea how living with Adrianna would change her own life. An admitted late-life-lesbian, Indigo discovers that opening herself up to others, taking a chance every now and then, could lead to finding new and exciting pleasures in all the right places. EXCERPT: Indigo led her niece into the second-floor bathroom and stood her in front of the mirror over the sink-counter. “What do you see, right there, young lady?” Indigo asked. Both she and Adrianna were gazing into their reflections. “A failure,” Adrianna replied. “Do you want to know what I see?” Indigo asked. Adrianna shook her head, but Indigo told her anyway. “I see a beautiful young woman with her entire life ahead of her. I see a beautiful young woman who can do anything she wants with her life because she is smart. And I see a beautiful young woman who any other woman would gladly have as a lover. I know that I would.” Both women were surprised at Indigo’s last words. Nothing was said between them for a full minute, though each looked into the other’s eyes in the mirror. Finally, Adrianna asked, “Do you mean that, Aunt Indy? Would you want me as a lover? Even if I am your niece?” Indigo knew that what she had said she had been thinking for a while now. She hadn’t seen Adrianna as anyone but her niece since she’d moved in, and as they stood in the bathroom, she realized that she now did. What Indigo saw in the mirror, standing before her was a beautiful young and passionate woman that she realized that she so desperately wanted to make love to. Her hands had been at Adrianna’s hips as they stood at the counter, but as she watched their reflection, Indigo saw her hands slowly move upward, until they cupped her niece’s firm breasts through the fabric of her Pink-logo t-shirt. Neither said anything, and when Indigo let her hands slide down again, it was plain that Adrianna’s excitement level had gone up, given that her nipples were now very prominently poking out the front of the shirt. Adrianna tilted her head back into her aunt’s shoulder and felt Indigo’s large breasts press into her upper back. Still, no words were exchanged, thought their eyes conveyed the unspoken message. She watched as her aunt’s hands came up once again, this time lifting the bottom of the t-shirt until her tits came into view. Her large, dark areola, nearly half the diameter of her entire mound, disappeared beneath Indigo’s hands, which immediately squeezed them firmly. Adrianna leaned forward when her aunt’s hands released her breasts again. They slid down her naked belly and then around. She felt fingers at her waistband and watched Indigo’s eyes as her aunt tugged her panties down over her butt, halfway to her knees. She continued to watch her aunt’s eyes, which had rolled down to look at her buttocks. She saw lust in them, which made her feel desired for the first time in ages.
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