Never Bet Against Army

Autor: Bull Blue

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Lured into a bedroom by his lust for other military men, Alex, an active Coast Guard officer is seduced into submission by Dave, a retired Marine officer who thoroughly enjoys his outrageous fetishes and wild kinks. A year into their relationship the true task of submissiveness is brought to task when one man finally dominates the other. EXCERPT: Close to a year later, Dave and I were living together. The first few months it was heavenly bliss, but over the past few weeks the bastard was getting edgy and getting close to crossing the line. Before I got entangled with Dave, I was very vanilla when it came to sex. I was deathly afraid of venturing beyond the typical suck and fuck routine given his “vast” experience at everything. Even letting him screw me with the big crazy uncircumcised pisser of his was like the Great American challenge. It was hard for me to get through his thick head that being on the receiving end of dick was a relatively new concept for me, especially since he was never tender in using it. As he figured the best way to break a poor guy like me in was to shove it all back there in one merciless stroke. And since he was bound to my vanilla sex by monogamy, the only way he got his sadistic fix was by hearing me squeal like a slaughtered pig. I accepted it—that was part of the problem. The bastard was chipping away at my curiosity even then. Of course, I was too damn naïve to even know it. But he knew it. Deep down, I think he was proud of that, too. He was corrupting my psyche to the next possible level with each humiliating fuck. I never got use to him ramming me at full force. I did—overtime—curve my wild girlie shrills into obscure hoarse grunts. The bastard even came ugly, like the sadistic freak that he was. He would fuck me relentlessly long and hard, and when it came time for him to pop his cork, he made sure that his enormous dick was somewhere in the middle my canal. As his hot cream filled me up to the brim, he would start to pull out bit by bit and fuck me again with his cream as lube until he came once more. With his second—or third—sometimes forth—load—whenever he lost the will to fuck again, he would put the messy cum-drenched thing in front of my face for me tongue bathe each and every time. I loved him, I told myself at night. There could be no other reason I would let him, a stranger months earlier, humiliate me as he did. I was beginning to understand that it was not love that I had for him—it was pure submission. That was when things went from bad to worse.
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