Her First Taste

Autor: A.A. Clein

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Kristen Piper's family is coming apart. Her mother spends her time fucking anything with a cock and berating her husband who is too broken to defend himself. Meanwhile her brother has become an angry, sadistic bastard treating her and everyone around him like garbage. But through it all, Kristen and her father discover a hidden attraction that might just hold the family together. EXCERPT: It’s family night at the Piper house. If you stop and listen close to the unassuming split-story house you could just barely hear a girl screaming in sexual ecstasy, “Oh God, oh God, Daddy. It’s so deep! Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” Inside is just like any other family house. The front door leads into the living room with a couple of couches, a television, some bookshelves, but nothing out of the ordinary in the middle-class neighborhood. The only thing that stands out is the rhythmic squeak of bed springs coming from upstairs accompanied by the screams of a girl in the throws of orgasm, “Oh God! Dadddyyy…” Near the stairs is a wall of family photos. In the middle is all four of them. Don Piper, a man with strong features, sandy brown hair and warm brown eyes smiles next to his wife Linda, a blonde-haired beauty who’s fair skin blends with her yellow strands that cascades over her shoulders and her piercing blue eyes seem to look right through you. In front of them, also smiling for the camera, are their grown kids, Kristen and Brian. They both have their dad’s hair color but Kristen, in particular, has her mother’s complexion and deep blue eyes one could fall into. Brian, meanwhile has his father’s boyish good looks. A little more rugged and a little fuller around the face but, otherwise, the younger version of his father. The family stands together in front of a backdrop of an autumn trail as normal-looking as any family one could find. A man grunts with every thrust while another voice, an older woman shouts encouragement, “Do it, Don. Fuck your little girl. Fuck that filthy little slut. That, sick twisted little fuck doll wants her own father to fuck her, so do it! Fuck your daughter! Up the stairs, the master bedroom contains a sight. Young Kristen Piper lays on the king bed with her long straw-colored blonde hair spread across the pillows, wraps her legs around her father’s muscular frame as he thrusts in her again and again. The nipples on her little A-cup tits stand at full attention as they brush against her dad’s hairy chest. The muscular man thrusts on top of her with all his strength urged on by the screams of his daughter and wife. “I’ll bet that nasty little slut wants her own father’s cum in her pussy. Don’t you, slut?” says Linda watching from chair in the corner of the room. She is naked except for a pair of black panties that can barely be seen below the woman’s pregnant belly. One hand pinches the nipple of her large pregnancy-swollen breasts while the other dips inside her waistband slowly rubbing her cunt. The front of which is soaked in her womanly juices, “Say it, you little cum slut. Tell your father what you want.” Kristen can barely catch her breath around the continuous orgasm ravaging her body. “Daddy, I want your cum… Oh God! Cum in me Daddy! Please cum in my pussy!”
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