Of Service

Autor: Bull Blue

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: On his way back from the States, Captain Ronald Goodwin welcomes Lance Corporal Roderick Stevens into his alternative program with the US Marine Corp to help soldiers “over come” their fleshly lust by having the Lance Corporal take it like a Marine! EXCERPT: “Stop running from it, maggot! Take this dick,” barked the Master Gunnery Sergeant, holding tight to the ankles of the nineteen year old in the wheelbarrow position, face down on the cot. The Master Gunnery Sergeant was pummeling his tender hole this way, getting a good squeal out of him with every plunge. Alternating between thrusting as hard as he could with his long stodgy dick to putting his hands behind his head and letting the young soldier bounce off of his crotch with his pinched cheeks. “That’s it. Rub those nuts. Make me feel real good in front of these fine men. Show all these Marines how you can be of service. Your fellow countrymen count on this great ass and throat.” The Master Gunnery Sergeant said for the benefit of the fifty-two naked soldiers standing around possibly waiting their turn. Captain Goodwin had spent the better part of three months keeping the best kept secret Lance Corporal Stevens under wraps between him and his most trusted commands. He was reluctant to share such a wonderful gift with the rest of his operations after training him so well to the pleasures of men. His student was a natural, and he had to accept that he awaken an insatiable beast inside of the boy that went far beyond the limited scope of him and his handful of men. Lance Corporal Stevens started out crying like a little maggot, crying that his commanding officer had forced himself onto him. He wasn’t a fag. He had a girlfriend somewhere expecting his first child in a few weeks. Captain Goodwin comforted the young man like he comforted other young men before him, telling him that the way he chose to use the young man had nothing to do with him being gay or not. He was just the most viable option to service his men in the tightest of spots. These words brought very little comfort to the ears of the Lance Corporal, just a great amount of soreness throughout his frame, even things that should have never hurt to begin with after the fact. The tide soon changed. Lance Corporal Stevens began to resent the way his body had turned on him. He hated that he got hard thinking about something long and hard teasing outer lips of his butthole or that his mouth knew well what to do when a cock stood at attention before his lips. He hated that his body thirst for every glob of gunk that spewed out of it and did whatever it took to get it out, and the sheer number ceased to matter. “You’re getting this load, Stevens. Open up! Open that ass up.” Master Gunnery Sergeant howled, pumping a few times more. He surprised his audience by not unloading into the kid, but rather spinning him on his dick where he laid flat on his back. Master Gunnery Sergeant made sure that the bed was rocking again pinning the kid behind his knees over to his side, spreading him wide enough to let every man know that he was greater than his given rank. “Thought we were done, maggot? You’re getting this load…just not this second!”  
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