The Inbred Family

Autor: Dyan Taley

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

A family with no boundaries! A family tree that twists and turns and goes back upon itself! A week in the life of Julie, one of its members, who has sex with her brothers, uncles, aunt, father, son, daughter, mother, cousins, nephew, niece and grandmother - but only with five people! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ I stopped outside of the house where my brother, nephew, uncle, daughter, niece and cousin lived. I wondered if either of them were in. My daughter, Susan had moved into her father's house at around the same time that Mike went to college... I was suffering from a certain amount of Empty Nest Syndrome. Or Empty Bed Syndrome. Of course, I could always visit and so here I was. And I wanted to see Dave. We were twins and had always been close, had always done everything together. My father took my virginity, but it was Dave who had been first to do everything else with me, including having a child. All my innocent youthful sexual experimentation had been with Dave and, later, a lot of my more depraved adult experimentation too. Twins  we shared everything. Including our parents and children. I had a key so I just let myself in. The moment I opened the door, I knew what was going on. I could hear them  I'm surprised the neighbours couldn't. Susan was a bit of a moaner and I could hear that. Dave was saying something, I couldn't quite make it out. But it became clearer as I went up the stairs. "Oh Susie... God, I love you Susie... you make me feel so great, Suse..."
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