Family Men

Autor: Douglas Mayweather

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Society decrees that the following are forbidden combinations: Fathers and sons and sex, brothers and sex, cousins and sex, uncles and nephews and sex, granddads and grandsons and sex, the men of the family and lust, and love, and desire and sex. Here are ten erotic stories about special relationships between all the male members of the family – and sex. EXCERPT: Uncle Tony grunted and jammed his dick deep in me and held still. I knew he was filling my gut with his sweet cream. I only wished I could taste it too. When he finished cumming he eased his dick out and I could stand up again. But we weren’t through. Jon said, “Man, Tony, that was hot. Now I want some of that ass.” “Can you shoot two times?” asked Uncle Tony. “Yeah, always could.” “Wow, man, I envy you.” Stevie,” Jon said, “come here.” He walked around to the end of the table. “Hop up here and lie down.” I sat on the end of the table and managed to lie down on my back, my legs swinging free. Jon grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs. “Here, put your hands behind your knees and hold them up. Yeah, like that, but spread them apart a little more.” I did as he told me. “You got that hair stuff?” he asked Uncle Tony. “Yeah, here, but he’s probably greased up enough, especially with my cum still in there.” “I think you shot that way too far in to help me,” Jon said, laughing. Then he said, “Okay, Stevie, here I come. Hold on.” He put the end of his dick against my throbbing hole and pushed. He pushed again and I felt it go in. Just like Uncle Tony, he didn’t stop until his fat dick was all the way in. I felt even fuller than I had with Uncle Tony. He began jamming it in and out, but in some way, he did it different than Uncle Tony. For one thing, he kind of shoved it up at the same time he shoved it in. Another was he went faster. I was looking at his face the whole time he was fucking me. Here was my cousin Jon with the slightly crooked smile, looking back at me as he rammed his dick in my ass. I suddenly wished he’d kiss me. “Stevie,” he hissed, “jack your dick and shoot with me.” I had been squeezing my dick, afraid I was going to shoot off and make him mad. Now he wanted me to, and I knew it would only take a few strokes and I’d shoot. “Do it!” he said. I did and this time he said, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” as he shot off in my ass. My cum splattered on my stomach. He stood there still for a few long seconds and then slowly pulled his dick out. I suddenly felt empty.  
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