Autor: Bull Blue

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: A bounty hunter comes to collect his prize and has a little fun in the process. EXCERPT: “What are you doing man?” Dubois fought to get upright before falling back into the bed. Bowser answered by reaching into the slit of Dubois’ boxers and grabbing hold of his hardened dick. “This great big dick of mine is right for poking, man.” Dubois sold himself. “I can wear that sweet mouth or that sweet ass. I bet back in your heyday you had a good bit of both.” Dubois chuckled. Bowser stroked the piece of manhood in his hand, grinning back. Bowser cooed. “Great mind things alike. I was thinking the same thing. You have some sexy-ass lips and a nice fat juicy booty. When was the last time you had that junk of yours crammed by an overstuffed dick?” “Hey, man, what do you meant by that?” Dubois got nervous. “You’re a smart cookie, Terrance. You can figure it out.” Bowser closed the door and locked it, unzipping his pants with one hand and letting them drop to his ankles to reveal his magnum as he often ventured the world commando style. “Better yet, ask which one of us isn’t in handcuffs?”
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