Without Consent

Autor: Ona Dare

Wydawnictwo: Lot's Cave, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: He's always fantasized about raping a woman, taking her without her consent. The desire has now become an obsession, one that he needs to make real. He searches for the right woman, picks her out of a lunchtime crowd, and follows her home that evening. Making her his own will satisfy his father's threats of disinheritance. He will take her by force, but please her and satisfy her sexual needs until she melts in his arms. She will be his. EXCERPT: I’m dressed in all black, with a black hood and plastic mask over it. There’s no way she will see my face. I can hear the lock snick. Good to go. I open the door and step inside, two cats running to see who’s there. The light in the living room is much too bright and I walk along the lamps and quietly unscrew the lightbulbs enough that they go off. I slide along the walls and finally unplug the TV. She’s still asleep. She must have had several glasses of wine tonight. Good girl. As silently as possible, I step close to her head and slap the duct tape over her mouth while also trying to prevent her hands from ripping it off. She’s dazed with sleep…I was right about the wine. None too gently, I pull her upright and zip-tie her hands behind her back. She’s crying and trying so hard to scream, but the duct tape is doing a beautiful job in that regard. I put a silk sleep mask over her eyes, a black hood over her head, and march her out the back door to push her into the van where I tie her ankles together. It’s done. After all the waiting…after all the fantasies, it’s almost done. Now I need to drive to our ultimate destination and the party will begin. I think you will be surprised by how I proceed from this point forward.
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