The Sybian Explosion

Autor: Thomas Roberts

Wydawnictwo: Boruma Publishing

The Hotwife Resort was the most exciting place in the world! “No holds barred” took on a whole new meaning when Mary enjoyed explosive sex with hot black studs while her husband eagerly watched. Now she can’t forget those intensely erotic memories. In desperation, she finds satisfaction on a Sybian machine, and encourages her girlfriends to take a ride on the wild side while her husband watches! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ A week later Alice and I were sitting in my living room, sipping wine, and chatting. She was clearly nervous as I poured her another glass. My crafty husband had placed small “spy-shop” cameras around the house, so he could watch from the garage. We’d placed the Sybian so Alice would be facing our closet. The sliding closet door had been left open about two inches and one of the tiny cameras was in the opening, at ground level. I hoped Bill enjoyed himself. “You’re nervous. Is it because I’ll be here with you?” “No, I want you here. You’re my security blanket,” she said, patting my arm. “I’m ready to try it.” Alice picked up a bag she’d bought with her and followed me up the stairs. “Where’s Bill?” she asked. “He’s somewhere. We won’t be bothered,” I told her, careful not to tell an actual lie. Alice did the same thing I had done—walked around the machine, touching it, and putting on the attachments. She’d purchased the medium, regular dildo. Moments later, Alice came out of the bathroom, trying to cover herself with both hands. “I know, I know. We’re both woman, but still…” she said, dropping her hands and kneeling by the machine. “What do I do?” After spreading lube on the dildo and herself, Alice spread her legs and straddled the machine. “Do I have to be facing the mirror?” she asked. “There’s only so much room and so many outlets.” We had a small bedroom with only room for the bed, one nightstand, and a dresser. The space facing the closet was about all there was. “Okay,” she said as she lowered herself. I turned the rotation on first, just like Bill had done my first time. I watched as Alice’s abdomen shook. “Oh, wow, that feels pretty good,” she said before I increased the speed....
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