Risk Management

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Key readings in risk management from CFA Institute, thepreeminent organization representing financial analysts Risk management may have been the single most important topic infinance over the past two decades. To appreciate its complexity,one must understand the art as well as the science behind it.Risk Management: Foundations for a Changing Financial Worldprovides investment professionals with a solid framework forunderstanding the theory, philosophy, and development of thepractice of risk management by * Outlining the evolution of risk management and how thediscipline has adapted to address the future of managing risk * Covering the full range of risk management issues, includingfirm, portfolio, and credit risk management * Examining the various aspects of measuring risk and thepractical aspects of managing risk * Including key writings from leading risk managementpractitioners and academics, such as Andrew Lo, Robert Merton, JohnBogle, and Richard Bookstaber For financial analysts, money managers, and others in thefinance industry, this book offers an in-depth understanding of thecritical topics and issues in risk management that are mostimportant to today's investment professionals.
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