Childhood in a Global Perspective

Autor: Karen Wells

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

The second edition of this compelling and popular book offers aunique global perspective on children's lives throughout theworld. It shows how the notion of childhood is being radicallyre-shaped, in part as a consequence of globalization. Taking an engaging historical and comparative approach, the bookexplores social issues such as how children are constituted asraced, classed and gendered subjects; how children'sinvolvement in war is connected to the globalization of capitalismand organized crime; and how school and work operate as sites forthe governing of childhood. The book discusses wide-ranging topicsincluding children's rights, the family, children and war,child labour and young people's activism around the globe. Inaddition to updated literature throughout, the revised editionincludes new chapters on migration and trafficking, and the role ofplay. The book will continue to be of great value to students andscholars in the fields of sociology, geography, social policy anddevelopment studies. It will also be a valuable companion topractitioners of international development and social work, as wellas to anyone interested in childhood in the contemporary world.
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