The Naked Leader

Autor: David Taylor

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Fasten your seat belt, it's all you need to wear. There is a new wave of thinking and action that puts people beforeprocess, choice before change, and meaning before money. We are nowentering a new business, leadership and global age, with a vision,agenda and spirit born out of the realisation that there has to bea different way of success, business and leadership. One that setsus free from traditional business thinking, and takes you, yourbusiness and your life to new levels of awareness, success andachievement. This next business age is in your hands. The Naked Leader is theantithesis to the process driven mentality that has wasted so manymillions, destroyed the trust between company and employee, andenabled so many companies to at best stand completely still. The Naked Leader is a distillation of David Taylor's ideas andinspiration - ideas which have made him Europe's most sought-afterspeaker on leadership and personal growth. David is known as the"Naked Leader" because of his extraordinary ability to strip awayuncertainty and doubt, and conclusively show that everything weneed to be successful, we already have. The Naked Leader shares hundreds of life-changing actions,including: * The fastest way to make any change in your life * How to build deep and lasting rapport with anyone * The 7 most powerful questions on earth * How to change how you feel, in a single heartbeat * The structure of guaranteed success * How to be an awesome presenter * Discovering who you really are, and why you are here The Naked Leader strips away the mystery, hype and jargon, toreveal the single formula for assured success that is available toeveryone. The book is a journey which can be taken from beginningto end, or joined at any stage - taking you to wherever you want tobe, drawing on the very best leadership thinking around the world,finally revealing the answer to the ultimate question, "who are youand why are you here?" Taylor reveals the exact, specific actions to take to predict thefuture, and then shape it. As a practitioner, not a theorist,Taylor knows what works, and what does not. He shows us what to do,and exactly when to do it. No matter what your vision, challenge or present position, TheNaked Leader ensures that you succeed, making your future no longera matter of chance, but rather a matter of choice. It is powerful, and the results are amazing.
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