Service 7

Autor: Peter Bowman

Wydawnictwo: AM WEEK PTY LTD

Get ready to transform the way you think about marketing your professional service business with Service 7. Product marketing principles continue to fail when they are applied to service businesses. Service marketing challenges require service marketing solutions. Service 7 is an essential read for every professional advisor, consultant and professional services manager who cares about their clients and their business. Working in a professional service business is challenging. You work closely with clients and they expect you to deliver them the results they are looking for. Providing value has never been more important as the market place becomes more competitive. Service 7 provides you with 7 principles to help you and your staff to create and deliver advice and service that your clients will love today and well into the future. Your clients will love you because: You provide valueYou understand their needs better than anyone elseYou are trusted to do what it is you say you canYou attract the right kind of clients for your businessYou look after them better than anyone elseYou have a service process that works every time, andYou deliver for today and for tomorrow. Service 7 is for service professionals looking for a genuine marketing edge.
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