A Fistful of Evil

Autor: Rebecca Chastain

Wydawnictwo: Mind Your Muse Books

Madison wants to be ordinary.  Instead, she can see souls.  Honestly, it’s kind of gross. Not everyone’s metaphysical essence glows sparkly white. Most people carry around a lot of smut.  Which is why Madison doesn’t use her soul sight often—until she witnesses something she can’t ignore: dark creatures hungrily gnawing on the souls of oblivious normal folks. No one else can see these creatures. No one else can fight them.  It’s up to Madison to save the souls of the people in her city. If only she knew what she was doing... A Fistful of Evil is a fresh urban fantasy for fans of Darynda Jones and Jim Butcher. You won’t want to miss this wildly imaginative story packed full of supernatural horrors, kick-butt action, and laugh-out-loud moments. Grab your copy today! “This story will have you captivated from start to finish” (Sassy Book Lovers★★★★★) SERIES READING ORDER A Fistful of Evil A Fistful of Fire A Fistful of Flirtation (a newsletter bonus novelette) A Fistful of Frost
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