Nature's Child

Autor: Mary Ann Napper

Wydawnictwo: Mary Ann Napper

From humble beginnings a small girl's love for nature takes her on a journey to become a horticultural giant. This Asian inspired true story begins in Tokyo when the city is being ravaged by World War Two. Yoko Ugai (Megumi Bennett) gives an account of her formative years growing up in a traditional Japanese family. At the age of twenty she becomes an Ikebana teacher. Lured by a fascination for Australian Native flora, Yoko turns down two marriage proposals to embark on a journey of horticultural discovery at a time when Australian / Japanese relations are dominated by hostility and suspicion. While facing the challenges of a new language and culture, Yoko's life in Australia encompasses marriage, motherhood, horticultural studies, setting up a bonsai studio and nursery and organising annual cultural exhibitions. Under the mentorship of the grandmaster, the late Mr Saburo Kato, Megumi Bennett provides leadership to a growing bonsai community in Australia. By the turn of the century she is formally recognised by the Japanese and Australian governments for her promotion of friendship, goodwill and peace between the two countries and is internationally acclaimed as a bonsai artist, teacher and demonstrator.  
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