Qatar Confessions

Autor: A.K.Aaron

Wydawnictwo: Abaya Books

Claire Aaron has mysteriously disappeared in Qatar, a Middle Eastern superpower. This tiny desert peninsula jutting into the Arabian-Persian Gulf is the setting for Qatar Confessions, a multicultural fiction series influenced by imaginative reality. After an exhaustive search for his missing and pregnant wife that uncovers few clues, Claire’s husband publishes a portion of her research in a desperate effort to locate her.Each book in the series contains a collection of twenty narratives that will inspire you to look at life through a different lens. These provocative sketches reveal powerful and touching first-person viewpoints that create an ornate tapestry of life tortured by societal taboos. Take an odyssey into a complex world you will find both captivating and at times, shocking.In Book One Secret Taboos, you will discover hidden reasons for a young bride’s honor killing, understand a medical student’s inner conflict with cousin-marriage and feel one woman’s emotional pain from polygamy. You will experience the entanglements of a forbidden love affair, explore the female strengths of the famous 'Vagina Stadium', learn the horrors of a Nigerian mother’s personal account of female genital mutilation and gain an understanding of the power of the evil eye. These are just a few examples of the compelling stories shared in this series.This essential travel anthology of Qatar offers vital visitor information and expat business insights while illuminating cross-cultural intrigue that explores the fragile limits of truth and fiction. Do you want a rare peek behind the Arabian Gulf’s veil of secrecy? The Qatar Confessions Series will give you that and more. It is a cultural expose’ on steroids!
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