Blue Inferno

Autor: C. L. Cattano

Wydawnictwo: Vagary Publishing

Welcome back to Salvaggio’s Light, the epic contemporary romance series delving into the life of Rafe Salvaggio and all of the people in her life, from family and friends to lovers and enemies. Continue the story with Blue Inferno, the next step in the journey.Get ready to settle back into this epic drama-filled romance entwined with comedy, lust, danger, thrills, regret, tragedy, suspense, and love.Rafe Salvaggio has survived her first relationship after her breakup with Eden, but the relationship was short-lived, and she misses having Greer in her life. Alone again and determined to figure out her next steps in life, she keeps busy with her new job and building an art studio to help a grad student while spending more time with her daughter, Bronte. But love and a near tragic event draws her back toward thoughts of rekindling her relationship with Eden. Those thoughts are corrupted by an unexpected conversation with Jake.Renewing his efforts to complete his Mission, Jake has agreed of accept the help of Daniel to restore his standing in the eyes of the reverend. When the duo makes their move Eden and Flynn must fight to save Bronte. Eden goes to Rafe for help—but keeps her secret about Jake and the Stewards. To protect his friends, Flynn buys a gun and learns to use it, all he has to do is aim and pull the trigger slowly. In the meantime, Abby is still working on her plan to help Rafe and Eden get back together—but on her terms, she doesn't want Rafe going back to her ’wildling’ ways and making wagers with Julia. Balancing wanting to have fun adventures with Rafe as a friend and her old feelings of wanting more, Julia does what she can to insert herself further into Rafe’s life. Emotions run on high as secrets and intrigue cause relationships and friendships to be tested.Will Rafe decide to follow Greer or give in to pressure from Abby and start being more open to Eden? Will Eden tell Rafe about the information she received about Jake? Will Jake fulfill his mission and get back on good terms with the reverend? Find out in Blue Inferno — Book Two of Salvaggio’s Light. Continue the journey on this epic contemporary romance serial and don't miss out on this epic drama!WARNINGIt is suggested that readers of this story be adults over the age of eighteen. This dramatic series has many scenes describing sex as well as intense emotional scenes and acts of violence. This is a serial story with themes that flow from one book into another with lots of twists and turns. Reading this series from the beginning is highly suggested or the reader may not be able to follow all of the story lines. Begin with Book One — Shattered Paradise.
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