Air Be & Me

Autor: Trudy Ohnsorg

Wydawnictwo: Bohemian Treehouse Press

Now you can connect with the HEART and SOUL of the Airbnb community! Author and Airbnb Super Host Trudy Ohnsorg has woven her own stories plus interviews with over a dozen Airbnb hosts into a charming introduction into the intrinsic rewards of home sharing. A refreshing break from the “get rich” books about Airbnb, Air Be & Me captures the essence of “WHY” people choose to share their homes.“At its heart, Air Be & Me is a celebration of how people roll out the welcome mat, come together and become a community.” -Singer Songwriter Ann Reed."We are all connected, and these heartfelt stories remind us of that sacred truth.” -Bill Manahan, M.D.According to Ms. Ohnsorg: "Sharing your home is not just transactional - it can be transformational. There is a gentle revolution that is being staged in homes and living rooms across the globe. We conquer fear when we learn to trust. We rid the world of strangers when we turn them into friends." In today's divided world, Air Be & Me shines a delightful light on the future of interpersonal connection in the sharing economy. This is a MUST READ! 
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