97 Things Every Information Security Professional Should Know

Autor: Christina Morillo

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Whether you're searching for new or additional opportunities, information security can be vast and overwhelming. In this practical guide, author Christina Morillo introduces technical knowledge from a diverse range of experts in the infosec field. Through 97 concise and useful tips, you'll learn how to expand your skills and solve common issues by working through everyday security problems.You'll also receive valuable guidance from professionals on how to navigate your career within this industry. How do you get buy-in from the C-suite for your security program? How do you establish an incident and disaster response plan? This practical book takes you through actionable advice on a wide variety of infosec topics, including thought-provoking questions that drive the direction of the field.Continuously Learn to Protect Tomorrow's Technology--Alyssa ColumbusFight in Cyber Like the Military Fights in the Physical--Andrew HarrisKeep People at the Center of Your Work--Camille StewartInfosec Professionals Need to Know Operational Resilience--Ann JohnsonTaking Control of Your Own Journey--Antoine MiddletonSecurity, Privacy, and Messy Data Webs: Taking Back Control in Third-Party Environments--Ben BrookEvery Information Security Problem Boils Down to One Thing--Ben SmithFocus on the WHAT and the Why First, Not the Tool--Christina Morillo
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