Learning Microsoft Power BI

Autor: Jeremey Arnold

Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media

Microsoft Power BI is a data analytics and visualization tool powerful enough for the most demanding data scientists, but accessible enough for everyday use for anyone who needs to get more from data. The market has many books designed to train and equip professional data analysts to use Power BI, but few of them make this tool accessible to anyone who wants to get up to speed on their own.This streamlined intro to Power BI covers all the foundational aspects and features you need to go from "zero to hero" with data and visualizations. Whether you work with large, complex datasets or work in Microsoft Excel, author Jeremey Arnold shows you how to teach yourself Power BI and use it confidently as a regular data analysis and reporting tool.You'll learn how to:Import, manipulate, visualize, and investigate data in Power BIApproach solutions for both self-service and enterprise BIUse Power BI in your organization's business intelligence strategyProduce effective reports and dashboardsCreate environments for sharing reports and managing data access with your teamDetermine the right solution for using Power BI offerings based on size, security, and computational needs
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