Data modeling is the single most overlooked feature in Power BI Desktop, yet it's what sets Power BI apart from other tools on the market. This practical book serves as your fast-forward button for data modeling with Power BI, Analysis Services tabular, and SQL databases. It serves as a starting point for data modeling, as well as a handy refresher.Author Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen, founder of Savory Data, shows you the basic concepts of Power BI's semantic model with hands-on examples in DAX, Power Query, and T-SQL. If you're looking to build a data warehouse layer, chapters with T-SQL examples will get you started. You'll begin with simple steps and gradually solve more complex problems.This book shows you how to:Normalize and denormalize with DAX, Power Query, and T-SQLApply best practices for calculations, flags and indicators, time and date, role-playing dimensions and slowly changing dimensionsSolve challenges such as binning, budget, localized models, composite models, and key value with DAX, Power Query, and T-SQLDiscover and tackle performance issues by applying solutions in DAX, Power Query, and T-SQLWork with tables, relations, set operations, normal forms, dimensional modeling, and ETL