Surviving Your Serengeti

Autor: Stefan Swanepoel

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Praise for SURVIVING YOUR SERENGETI "One of a kind. You'll actually know more about yourself afteryou read this book."--KEN BLANCHARD coauthor of The One MinuteManager® and Leading at a Higher Level "Beautifully illustrates nature's basic survivalstrategies--and how they help you create a sense of meaning andpurpose."--SUSAN SCOTT New York Times bestselling coauthor ofFierce Conversations 7 Questions This Book Tackles 1. Are you experiencing a challenge that you wish toovercome? 2. Do you want to discover your hidden survival skills? 3. Do you have a goal you have yet to achieve? 4. Would you like to discover your instinctive strengths? 5. Can you benefit from problem-solving thinking? 6. Do you know someone who has potential to excel? 7. Are you looking for a positive message to share?
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