Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies

Autor: Gene Hamilton

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

We're a nation of countless bathrooms that are on the brink ofbeing torn apart, redesigned, and remodeled. Bathrooms are big!They've gone from being a convenience to a luxury. Welcome toBathroom Remodeling For Dummies, where you'll discover howto transform your bathroom from blah to beautiful and inefficientto well-designed. Remodeling a bathroom is a challenge - it'saction-oriented and requires extra energy and stamina. But you,undoubtedly, realize it's a challenge you want to take on. Thisguide can help if you * Want to make your home more livable and enjoyable by updating,expanding, or improving the bathroom * Want to find out how to begin the process of appraising yourpresent bathroom so you can improve it * Don't want to be pressured into selecting materials andfixtures because you want to see everything that's available andknow all your options * Want to know what's involved in demolishing the walls andremoving the fixtures and cabinets, and how to install newones * Want to decide if you should hire help or do the workyourself Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies is organized to providelots of useful information that is easily accessible. You'lluncover tips about: * Making the most of space in your bathroom * Taking control and planning the project * Finding fabulous fixtures, vanities, and faucets * Decorating the walls, windows, and more * Creating storage space You maybe be asking yourself, "Can I remodel my bathroom withoutspending every penny I have, destroying the harmony of my house,and breaking the spirit of everyone involved?" The answer is yes.Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies can help.
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