Clinical Research and the Law

Autor: Patricia M. Tereskerz

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

The legal implications of conducting clinical research andtrials are becoming more complex. Everyone involved in clinicalresearch increasingly needs to be aware of not only the ethicalissues at stake but also how the law affects medical practice andresearch. Much of clinical research and trial law and litigation iscomparatively recent and researchers need to ensure currentcompliance on a wide range of issues. Including: * standards and duty of care * informed consent * conflicts of interest * research contracts * establishing clinical trials * the disclosure and withholding of clinical trial results Clinical Research and the Law comprehensively discussesthese topics and provides the answers to the legal questions andpotential pitfalls encountered in medical research. It is anup-to-date, practical guide for clinical investigators and theirinstitutional administrators, particularly risk managers andresearch administrators, as well as healthcare administratorsand members of institutional review boards. This book is also a key resource for medical students,postgraduate research students, practicing attorneys and counselorsfor teaching hospitals and institutions undertaking clinicalresearch and contract research organizations.
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