Becoming a Strategic Leader

Autor: Richard L. Hughes

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

In the second edition of the best-selling Becoming aStrategic Leader, Richard L. Hughes, Katherine ColarelliBeatty, and David L. Dinwoodie draw from the Center for CreativeLeadership's (CCL) acclaimed Leading Strategically program to offerexecutives and managers a comprehensive approach to strategicleadership that reaches leaders at all levels of organizations. This thoroughly revised edition concentrates on practical toolsfor producing impact right away. The authors place special emphasison three essential strategic components: discovering andprioritizing strategic drivers, which determine sustainability andcompetitiveness; leadership strategy, which ignites the connectionsbetween people critical to enacting the business strategy; and howto foster the individual and organizational learning that isfoundational to sustained performance. The authors and other leadership development professionals haveused the distinctive and systematic approach described in this bookwith great success in CCL's Leading Strategically program. Thesecond edition also contains improved self-assessments that help toalign the book's lessons learned with the program's currentpractices. Readers will find fresh suggestions about developing theindividual, team, and organizational skills needed for institutionsto become more adaptable, flexible, and resilient. These arecritical strategic attributes in a time of ever more rapid change,greater uncertainty, and globalization.
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