Become the Real Deal

Autor: Connie Dieken

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Become the real deal and you'll become the leaderyou're meant to be. If you want to make change in your organization and in yourworld, and advance your own career, you need to become a person whocan effectively influence others to take action. When looking tobring about organizational change of any kind, the main skillrequired is influence. Nothing will help your cause more than beingable to effectively influence others to take action. Become theReal Deal presents a modern and practical approach toleadership that yields unlimited dividends for leaders at alllevels. Author Connie Dieken calls these dividends your Return onInfluence® (ROI). You'll discover your own Centers of Influence through aseries of visual dashboards and learn how to capitalize on theseCenters of Influence to become the powerful, purposeful authorityyou're meant to be. * Readers will learn how to override personal influence-killingtendencies, such as narcissism, anxiety, long-windedness, silence,social façades, and invisibility. * Connie Diekenis the country's foremost Fortune 500communication coachan executive coach to the world's topbrands, an Emmy award winning former TV news anchor, reporter, andinductee of the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall ofFame. For anyone seeking to be the "real deal," this bookuncovers the strengths and skills you need to gain influence andlead your organization to success. The enhanced edition integrates four videos featuring theauthor, Connie Dieken, illustrating the book's concepts aboutleadership in greater detail.
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