GPS Satellite Surveying

Autor: Alfred Leick

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

Employ the latest satellite positioning tech with this extensiveguide GPS Satellite Surveying is the classic text on thesubject, providing the most comprehensive coverage of globalnavigation satellite systems applications for surveying. Fullyupdated and expanded to reflect the field's latest developments,this new edition contains new information on GNSS antennas, PrecisePoint Positioning, Real-time Relative Positioning, LatticeReduction, and much more. New contributors offer additional insightthat greatly expands the book's reach, providing readers withcomplete, in-depth coverage of geodetic surveying using satellitetechnologies. The newest, most cutting-edge tools, technologies,and applications are explored in-depth to help readers stay up todate on best practices and preferred methods, giving them theunderstanding they need to consistently produce more reliablemeasurement. Global navigation satellite systems have an array of uses inmilitary, civilian, and commercial applications. In surveying, GNSSreceivers are used to position survey markers, buildings, and roadconstruction as accurately as possible with less room for humanerror. GPS Satellite Surveying provides complete guidancetoward the practical aspects of the field, helping readers to: * Get up to speed on the latest GPS/GNSS developments * Understand how satellite technology is applied tosurveying * Examine in-depth information on adjustments and geodesy * Learn the fundamentals of positioning, lattice adjustment,antennas, and more The surveying field has seen quite an evolution of technology inthe decade since the last edition's publication. This new editioncovers it all, bringing the reader deep inside the latest tools andtechniques being used on the job. Surveyors, engineers, geologists,and anyone looking to employ satellite positioning will find GPSSatellite Surveying to be of significant assistance.
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