Business and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia

Autor: Edward Burton

Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons

An investor's crucial guide to the changing face of SaudiArabian business Business and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia is anessential reference guide, informing investors on the key issuesthat define how business will be done as the nation's family-ownedbusinesses change hands. Supported by the U.S.-Saudi ArabianBusiness Council, this book introduces the reader to the new Saudientrepreneur and explains why Saudi Arabia's boom deserves more ofthe world's attention. As the heads of family-owned businesses ageand corporate boards are reshaped, business practices will beinfluenced by the ascension of the country's young leaders.Interviews with young Saudi entrepreneurs describe the challenges,triumphs, failed attempts, and successful endeavors they experienceevery day as time-tested traditional models bump up against moremodern, innovative ideas and methods. The book's companion websitefeatures a variety of useful tools and documents that help readersimplement the concepts presented, and the firsthand informationprovides deep insight into the future of these companies. Saudi Arabia is profoundly influencing the technologicaladvances of multiple industries through increasing collaborationand in-country partnerships with communities around the world. Theevolution of the Kingdom's family-owned businesses is becoming moreimportant to investors as young Saudis claim their legacies, andthis book provides an insightful understanding of the changingnature of Saudi business. * Meet the emerging entrepreneur class of Saudi Arabia * Learn how the Saudi boom affects global business * Discover what investors need to know about the Saudieconomy * Examine how time and technology is reshaping the way businessis done * Gain useful insight into the direction management of theKingdom's growth will take over the next five years The Saudi economy constitutes thirty percent of the Arab world'sGDP, and sixty percent of the population is under the age ofthirty. Business and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabiaprovides essential information investors need to navigate thechanging tide of doing business in Saudi Arabia.
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