Leisure as Source of Knowledge, Social Resilience and Public Commitment

Autor: Lise Kjølsrød

Wydawnictwo: Palgrave Macmillan UK

This book provides a bottom-up contribution to contemporary political and cultural theory, by presenting leisure activities as a democratic arena. 

Where much of the existing literature on leisure and play views participants as consumers, Kjølsrød presents these people as producers, who conduct micro-processes of social protection, become informed and skilled, and achieve influence via complex leisure. Through an in-depth analysis of a range of leisure practices, this book demonstrates where players belong in the political landscapes of modern democracies. 

Leisure as Source of Knowledge, Social Resilience and Public Commitment will be of interest to students and scholars of leisure, recreational, and cultural studies, as well as sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists studying identity construction, emerging social worlds, and novel channels of political participation in contemporary society.

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